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Presented by Shweta Garg,

Founder at Dream Image


The simplified secret diary that drives you through a tunnel of grooming, embellishing every aspect of personality development.

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3 day bundle course
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All of us wanted to groom ourselves a little better than usual.


Maybe if I could speak a little fluently? 

Or at least make an everlasting impact in a meeting wanting others to crave more of our presence in that particular moment.

This course assists oneself in taking baby steps in molding the better version of YOU and nurtures your ambition with favorable improvements.

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This miscellany comprises of

✔ Appropriate dressing idea and style with a minimalist approach.

✔ Explore one's strong points and help them come out of their comfort closet one at a time.

✔ Overcoming one's inferiority complex and coming up with a collective solution.

✔ Begin to develop the concepts, mindset, skills, and relationships that will enable you to commence your journey and evolve as a changemaker.

✔ Earn others’ morality and confidence by ascertaining one's integrity and beneficence.

✔ Participating in healthy interactive activities and building an enriching persona.

✔ Uncover the list of social etiquette and protocol appropriateness necessary for a setup.

✔ Summary of important aspects accompanying keys of communication.

✔ Learn aspects of public speaking and how to communicate with confidence.

✔ How to Convey more certainly, confidently, simply, and effectively in a more engaging method and medium.

✔ Listen and ask insightful questions & utilize the power of questions.

✔ Stance oneself as an opinion leader.

 Personality Development

Personality development is crucially important in how an individual prospers and progresses while commencing their growth in the society of social circle and upliftment. We at DreamImage aim to develop this temperament and attitude of the learners enrolling in the apt way possible molding them into a structure of refinement and ideal icon to be looked up to. We have had students of distinct environments and from several layers of community and backgrounds aspiring to go through this procedure.

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This module journal includes


 Impact Management Blueprint

Festive Dinner Table

 Social Etiquette and Protocol Blueprint

Motivational Speaker

Communicate with Confidence Blueprint

3 day bundle coursea
Air Pressure
Impact management encompasses observing, identifying, and evaluating the positive and negative effects one’s actions have on masses subtly. The impact is not only positive or negative but can also be intentional and unintentional. Herewith us, one learns to unravel ways and bifurcate the negation and maximize the optimism in favor of one’s objectives.
Air Pressure
The protocol is the most crucial factor in building relationships and facilitating positive outcomes for the festivities involved. The Code of conduct, therefore, plays an important part in diplomatic practice linked with narrative, supremacy, belief, culture, and dialect. Here one will learn how to establish communication between diplomats and associates.
3 day bundle course b
3 day bundle course1c
Air Pressure
Confidence will always enable you to recite concisely and with simplicity. Professionals who communicate with confidence can convey their thoughts clearly and efficiently. Effective communication is critically important for one's development. One should maintain eye contact, talk firmly, should not use harsh briefing, Try listening to others, Express Gratitude, and be vocal about one's thoughts. With us, you will not only learn how to ace it but furthermore adapt to leadership skills

But to your surprise, we have

Not only does one empower themselves with their enrollm
ent in the course.

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